Is your company planning to shoot its next film or video project in Brazil? If so, this project may need to be registered with ANCINE, the Brazilian federal government’s film agency.  Brazil Production Services is the right company to help you with this process.

One of the first steps you must take when you want to film an audiovisual project in Brazil is to register your project with ANCINE. ANCINE (an acronym that stands for Agência Nacional do Cinema or “National Film Agency” in Portuguese) is the Brazilian government’s regulatory agency that oversees policy in the audiovisual sector of the local economy. If your production is not journalistic (i.e. being produced by a recognized and accredited news agency or company) or photographic only, then it must be registered with ANCINE. 

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Brazilian law states that foreign producers can not simply register their Brazil project with ANCINE on their own. They must first partner with a Brazilian production company registered with ANCINE (such as Brazil Production Services) who will then register the project on their behalf.

Documents that must be submitted in order for Brazil Production Services to properly register a project with ANCINE include:

  1.  A copy of the service contract signed by both the foreign company and by BPS proving that you have entered into a legal agreement and will be working together to co-produce the film/video project.
  2. A simplified production schedule that includes all locations in the country where you would like to shoot.
  3. A copy of all Brazil-bound foreign crew members’ passport info pages and their function within the crew.

The co-production deal ensures the Brazilian government that:

  • The Brazilian production company will pay all Brazilian taxes and costs resulting from the production activities, and;  
  • The Brazilian production company bears responsibility to make sure the production follows local Brazilian law.

Once all of this paperwork is submitted, and as long as all the documentation is correct, the ANCINE registration process should take around 5 business days.

After getting approved, if you wish to make any changes to the production plans, such as crew or project date adjustments, the Brazilian production company must reach out to ANCINE again on the foreign producer’s behalf to inform them of these changes. This new process will take another five business days to be processed.


Ancine Registration

As a Brazilian production company that specializes in assisting foreign crews to shoot their projects in Brazil, Brazil Production Services is more than used to dealing with the ins and outs of the ANCINE registration process and would be very happy to be your partner on your next Brazil production. 

We are the Brazilian company with the highest number of ANCINE registrations of foreign productions in Brazil per year, thus we can expertly help your company steer this process efficiently and correctly.  

As co-producers, we always specify that we come in as non-owners of any intellectual property in your project. Our agreement with you is simply a “work-for-hire” service agreement which will satisfy all of your clients’ demands for IP ownership over the footage or photos captured in Brazil.  BPS would solely be your operational partner that ensures that your project in Brazil happens legally, efficiently, affordably and smoothly.

Contact us today if you have any questions and to take your first step towards a smooth and properly registered shoot in Brazil!