It doesn’t matter the size of your production in Brazil, the executive production team at Brazil Production Services can manage all your local needs and logistics. Our experienced Brazil producers will take care of all local paperwork, including your project’s ANCINE registration, bureaucracies, permits, licenses, hires, insurance, budgeting and accounting for your Brazil unit shoot. 

We will act as your Brazil executive office and your production will be insured under our local legal entity, so you can rest assured that your Brazil unit shoot will be covered and in accordance with the liability minimums required by the Brazilian law.

Brazil Producer in Rio de Janeiro
(Shoot at a Karpowership vessel in Rio de Janeiro for Impossible Repairs – Photo by Pedro Botafogo)

As your TV or film co-producers in Brazil, we always specify that we come in as non-owners of any intellectual property in your project. Our agreement with you is simply a “work-for-hire” service agreement which will satisfy all of your clients’ demands for IP ownership over the footage or photos captured in Brazil.  BPS would solely be your operational partner that ensures that your project in Brazil happens legally, efficiently, affordably and smoothly

The idea of filming abroad can be intimidating and overwhelming, but with the help of BPS’ producers in Brazil, it won’t be that way. 

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The executive producing team at Brazil Production Services understands the importance and responsibilities involved when a project comes down to a foreign country. That’s why we, as your local Brazil producer, pay close attention to detail and take care of our clients every step of the way. We also know that every project is unique and one solution won’t fit all. Here at BPS our producers have built a strong network of bilingual crew, rental houses, transportation vendors, hotels and production support services all around the country and can thus offer the best solutions for your production, whatever its size may be. 

At Brazil Production Services, our unique advantage of having offices both in the United States and Brazil allows us to provide exceptional care for our American clients. From budgeting and accounting to filling out your Brazilian customs form and scheduling your shoot, we are proud to be the top production service company in Brazil. With our comprehensive all-in-one service, we alleviate the burden of operational details so that you can concentrate on your project’s content. Let our highly skilled TV and film producers handle your production needs in Brazil while you focus on bringing your creative vision to life.

Having successfully executed hundreds of shoots in Brazil in recent years, our wealth of experience and extensive resources enable us to facilitate productions anywhere in the country. Through our continuous dedication, we have been recognized as one of the leading production services executives teams in Brazil. Our impressive roster of esteemed clients includes Netflix, Google, Disney, Amazon, Marvel, CBS, FOX, Spotify, Discovery Channel, Facebook, Paramount+, and more. Collaborating with such industry giants has honed our expertise and positioned us as the premier Brazilian production company for American and international clients seeking to film in Brazil.

Our highly experienced producers will set you up with whatever you need, it doesn’t matter if you’re looking to hire boats in the Amazon, find unique locations in Minas Gerais or capture a LiDAR scan of the Christ the Redeemer statue. If you need help finding a producer in Brazil that will cater to your needs, contact us today!