No matter where in Brazil your shoot will take place, Brazil Production Services can handle all of your travel needs. Our highly skilled producers will help you and your team find the best local solutions for your stay – according to your budget and filming location – including domestic flights, airport transfers, charter flights, boat travel and accommodations (we will even give some leisure tips if you are interested).

Some productions have travel plans that are pretty simple to execute, however, we have coordinated productions that involved speed boat travel in the Amazon, chartered planes in the Pantanal, dune buggies in the Brazilian Northeast, helicopter travel to remote jungle areas, Yacht travel through the Green Cost of Rio de Janeiro state, etc.  So, depending on the specific needs of your production, we have the experience, know-how and contacts to pull off some of these specialized travel plans in a centralized, customized and efficient manner.

Contact us today if you have any questions and to take your first step towards a smooth shoot in Brazil.