In 2022, the BPS team had the chance to do two local productions of the reality show Ex on the Beach on a paradise beach in Brazil: Praia de Pipa (Pipa Beach), in Tibau do Sul, in the state of Rio Grande do Norte. 

Pipa, an almost “handcrafted” place, is known for its beaches, cliffs, colorful streets and famous gastronomy. Oh, and let’s not forget the nightlife! In short, Pipa is undoubtedly one of the state’s major tourist attractions.

In July 2022, BPS’s Brazilian unit assisted in the local production of the 9th season of Ex on the beach – Norge, produced by Nordisk Banijay and Discovery, and filmed at the Hollywood House in Tibau do Sul. 

From containers and generators rentals to a 15+ rental cars fleet, trips to Natal (the capital) for props purchasing and English speaking crew, BPS was happy to serve and welcome all the Norwegian crew and talent in Brazil.

And in December 2022, BPS was once again a local producer with its Brazilian unit, from prep to wrap. This time, it was for the 5th season of Ex on the beach – Denmark, produced by Metronome and Discovery.  The crew provided the ideal structure, renting containers, tents, generators, and 10+ cars; and hiring a very skilled team who built a pergola within a short period for the season. And, of course, all this with an English speaking crew.