No matter where in Brazil you plan to shoot your film, TV or web project, Brazil Production Services can handle all of your local production needs. Our highly skilled fixers can facilitate local logistics for your team including flights, crews, equipment, transportation, communication systems, housing and more. 

(Mato Grosso, Brazil)

We provide support in a variety of languages, including English, French, German, Spanish and, of course, Portuguese.  In addition, given the challenges of insuring productions in Brazil, BPS can also provide affordable insurance coverage for your production so that you can rest easy knowing that your investment in your Brazilian production will be protected.

Filming in a foreign location or country you are not familiar with can be daunting and overwhelming.  With Brazil Production Services as your expert fixer in Brazil, it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Contact us today if you have any questions and to take your first step towards a successful shoot in Brazil!


(BPS Fixer Team in Lençóis Maranhenses, Brazil)

Brazil Production Services is proud to be considered the best and most prolific fixer service in Brazil according to government statistics.  No matter where in the country you or your company would like to shoot, we can help since we have a network of fixers and producers all over Brazil.  But some of you may be asking: “what is a fixer?” In a nut, a fixer is a field producer or journalist who is really familiar with the local particularities of the city or region where your production needs to take place. A good fixer is:

  • Someone who speaks both the local language and your (the client’s) language
  • Well connected
  • Organized, honest and trustworthy
  • Knowledgeable about local rules 
  • Very experienced in film & TV production 
  • Committed to great customer service


(The Chef’s Table crew shot after wrapping production with Alex Atala, in Tunuí, Amazonas, Brazil)

The fixer we assign to your next production in Brazil will assist you in making all of the local creative and operational plans and arrangements. The fixer, in coordination with the BPS office coordinator, is responsible for lining up all the production elements that your project requires. These elements will vary from project to project, but they usually include:

  • Location research / scouting
  • Film or event permits
  • Talent casting
  • Story research
  • Management of local paperwork and other bureaucratic processes
  • Hiring local crew members
  • Rentals of local equipment 
  • Transportation and accommodation arrangements
  • Payments/payroll to all local hires, production expenses and taxes

Brazil is a big and very diverse country with completely distinct regions.  Each one of these areas require different sets of skills and knowledge from the local fixer.  Brazil Production Services will assign different types of fixers to different projects, according to your production’s needs and particularities

If you are looking to film in the Brazilian Amazon jungle, the Pantanal wetlands or the Cerrado savanna areas for example, we have fixers who are particularly comfortable and experienced with those rugged natural environments. Some of them are biologists or nature guides or ex-Brazilian military operatives and thus are especially prepared to go into expeditions for days or even months with producers who are looking to film wildlife or nature projects. We have done several such projects for clients such as Netflix and Discovery Channel.

Did you know that BPS produced a shoot for Marvel’s Avengers Infinity War, in a remote desert-like location in the Northeast of Brazil, using a helicopter for aerial scanning? Read all about it here!

If what your Brazil project needs is a metropolitan backdrop instead, we also have fixers who are experts in the ins and outs of the biggest cities in the country such as São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Brasília, Manaus, Recife, Curitiba, Belém and Porto Alegre. Each local fixer is extremely knowledgeable about their own city and will be a great asset when dealing with what they know best: their urban environs. We have produced many projects in big Brazilian cities for clients such as WIX, UBER, NETFLIX, WALLPAPER MAGAZINE and UFC

Other BPS fixers know the ins and outs of filming in higher risk locations such as favelas (Brazilian slums), which are usually highly requested by our foreign clients. There is a lot that should be considered when seeking locations such as these, but Brazil Production Services has experience with favela shoots. You can check out the production that we did for SPOTIFY in which we took our production teams to favelas in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo in order to capture the images that each client requested.


We succeed at Brazil Production Services by paying close attention to detail and taking care of our clients every step of the way.  We have built a strong network of bilingual fixers, producers, rental houses and production support services all around the country and can thus offer the best solutions for your production, whatever its size may be. 

We can set you up with whatever you need, regardless if it is hiring production crew members in Rio de Janeiro, van or equipment rentals in São Paulo or location scouts or drone shoots in the Amazon. Do you already know where in Brazil your shoot needs to take place? Contact us today so we can book the best local fixer for your production!

Brazil’s most developed cities are for the most part concentrated in the Southeast and South of the country and therefore, in order to make a shoot happen in more remote regions, we often have to deploy resources from these areas. 

For example, if you want a qualified bilingual producer as your fixer and bilingual crew members and you are shooting your project in a remote area in the Amazon, or in a small paradise beach in the Northeast of the country, we may at times have to bring at least some of these crew members from São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro.  In these cases, we will need to include budget allowances for local travel and accommodation for these Brazilian crew members. 

Because we have offices in the United States and in Brazil, we are particularly well suited to take good care of our American clients here at Brazil Production Services. Whether it is the ANCINE registration and film permits, equipment needs or location research, we are the best fixer service in the business in Brazil. With our all-in-one service for all your production needs in Brazil, you will be able to focus on the content of the project itself and let us worry about the operational details.

With well over 200 shoots in Brazil in the past few years, we have the necessary experience and resources to set you up anywhere in the country.  While working our way to being the top Brazil fixer, we have worked with several high end clients, including Netflix, Google, Disney, Amazon, Marvel, FOX, Spotify, UFC, Facebook, VICE and many more. It is the experience we gained while working with these major companies that has made us what we are today, the best Brazilian production company serving American and other international clients with shoots in Brazil.

If you have a project that requires filming in Brazil, please send us the details by filling out this form and one of our office coordinators will get in touch with you very soon.