At Brazil Production Services, we understand the complexities of live streaming processes and we have the best bilingual local crew and partners that will make sure your event broadcast in Brazil is a success!

Do you have an event in Brazil that requires live broadcast to other countries? Contact us today and we will assist you with everything you need for your live transmission.

In Brazil, we work with live streaming projects of all sizes – from 1 to multiple cameras – and we can broadcast your event in multiple social media platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc) or in the streaming platform of your preference. 

In instances where a stable bandwidth is not available onsite, we can also provide high-speed satellite vans or trucks and cellular uplink solutions for your event. We also have studios available for rental in different cities in Brazil that are already set up with reliable internet connections or satellite uplink connections guaranteeing a smooth broadcast.

If you have a project that requires live streaming or live broadcast in Brazil, please send us the details by filling out this form and one of our office coordinators will get in touch with you.