Brazil Production Services understands that travel and accommodation costs can be prohibitive when it comes to shooting abroad. For this reason, we have gathered a strong network of talented local Brazilian professionals that have vast experience with international productions and clients and can work on your project in a variety of capacities. Whether you are looking for field producers, camera operators, sound recordists, wardrobe supervisors, art department personnel, drivers, production assistants, or any other type of specialty required by your production, we will find the right local crew for you at an affordable price.

Do you know what crew members you want to hire locally in Brazil? Contact us today so we can book the best Brazilian crew for your project. 

Here, at Brazil Production Services, we have a network of experienced crew members in all Brazilian capitals and also in smaller cities throughout the country. The best bilingual fixers and crew members, however, are usually located in São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro.  Also, depending on your project’s needs, some of them may need to travel with you and your crew to other parts of the country in order to properly assist you with your shoot.  Once you reach out to us, we will be able to determine what makes most sense for your production.