At Brazil Production Services, our international clients are our main focus.  We take the “services” portion of our name seriously.  As a company and fixer service, we are exclusively dedicated to production services and this is one of the qualities that sets us apart from the competition.

With offices in the United States and in Brazil, we have produced hundreds of shoots in Brazil for companies and brands.  We specialize in Brazil-based high-level production services and production management for international companies of any size, from large corporations to smaller production companies, from independent producers to TV networks and studios. 

Once you work with us, you’ll probably come back.  We are detail-oriented and dedicated to providing a pleasant and efficient experience for our clients traveling to Brazil for a shoot. 

Below you will find an abbreviated list of clients and brands with whom BPS has worked with in the past.

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“You guys are THE BEST”
Stephen Marinaccio, Line Producer
Sergio Filme, LLC / Netflix

“I had a very good experience working with the BPS team on the pilot series of The Wheel, a new Discovery Channel show that required complicated logistics in remote natural areas of the Amazon and Pantanal regions in Brazil. BPS was the company of choice to facilitate our production and we’re very satisfied with the overall results. They were instrumental in facilitating research materials, scouting, setting up permits, visas, local hires and logistics for our 50 day shoot in the country. The project was successfully completed! I would recommend highly BPS for your next film shoot in Brazil.”
Giselle Parets, Producer
Pilgrim Media Group / Discovery Channel

“BPS’s production experience and deep relationships in Brazil give us complete confidence in getting the content we need.  The BPS team is organized, professional, flexible and meet unexpected challenges in stride.  We don’t like to be in Brazil without BPS.”
Brady Nasfell, Line Producer
Positive Image Video / UFC

“As an independent documentary filmmaker, I can not imagine shooting in Brazil without BPS.  Brazil is a country with lots of bureaucracy when it comes to filming and it is also a country where you must know your way around.  By working with BPS, I had an entire team at my disposal.  I arrived in Brazil with all my paperwork ready, prepared by BPS beforehand, which made my way through customs and federal police super easy. The airport officials really appreciate when you arrive with all the paperwork, permits and equipment description well organized and therefore treated me really well.  Once the shoot began, the BPS local crew was always on time, super professional, fun, and ready to work hard.  The US team was in constant communication with me and the local crew via a custom WhatsApp group, and always made sure things were going well and on schedule, checking in with us multiple times per day.  Having that extra level of support gave me lots of peace of mind.  You can not go wrong with BPS, they are the best in the business and I highly recommend them for any production project in Brazil, both large and small.”
Michal Siewerski, Producer / Director
Food Choices

“Thank you!  You are so great to work with makes me want to shoot more in Brazil!!”
Jini Durr, Producer
Apophis Pictures, LLC

“It was a pleasure working with all of you as well.  I’ll be sure to  recommend you to my colleagues, and I hope we come back to Rio sometime soon.”
Chayne Gregg, Producer
FreshFly Productions

“Brazil Production Services made filming in Brazil a breeze. They handled everything professionally from top to bottom, and were happy to accommodate the changing needs of our production. It was incredibly helpful that part of their team was stateside and able to communicate directly with the team in Brazil. It made communication clear and efficient. My crew traveling from LA were in great hands, and the local crew were top-notch. I’m looking forward to working with BPS again in the future.”
Taylor Feltner, Producer
Strike Anywhere Films / Facebook

“Working on production in Brazil can be a complex endeavor, the local rules and regulations require considerable expertise and knowledge – especially if you need to move fast!  In Thiago and his excellent team at BPS, I found an amazing crew of experts who not only navigated the logistics of a rural shoot with professional ease, but they added ideal artistic crew who executed with flair.  Altogether, BPS is a great partner – I’d gladly work with them again without hesitation.”
Jon Barlow, Commercial Producer

“BPS was instrumental in getting our production done both in São Paulo, Brazil and in Los Angeles, USA. Their professional handling and can-do attitude helped us get all the things we needed, both for the show we were shooting and to get the logistics right. They know the business, the people and their way around both in Brazil and the US. And the team is so nice and have such a good sense of humor! I enjoyed very much working with BPS, and will definitely do so again if I get the chance!”
Runar Blekken, DP
Monster Entertainment / TV Norge