Type of Project: Reality / Survival Show
Shoot Location: Amazon region (near Manaus) and Panatanal region (near Poconé), Brazil

The Wheel was a Discovery Channel survival series in which six participants were challenged to survive in six distinctly grueling landscapes across South America.

Brazil Production Services served as the local production company responsible for producing the show’s two Brazilian locations for the entire season. The first location was a stretch of inhospitable rainforest in the Brazilian Amazon near Manaus.  The second location was a remote outpost in the wetlands of the Pantanal region.  Complex in nature and execution, the project boasted over 50 days of production, a crew of over 25 people at each location including medics and security guards, chartered planes, boat fleets, snake and horse wranglers and more.

The Wheel Episode 2

The Wheel Episode 3

The Wheel Episode 4

The Wheel Episode 5