Type of Project: Documentary
Shoot Location: Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Marajó and Belém, Brazil

For more than 3 years, Brazil Production Services was one of the preferred production vendors for the Ultimate Fighting Championship promotion in Brazil.  In this stretch, BPS produced dozens of different shoots for the UFC all over Brazil with several fighters from the company, including some of the biggest names in the fight game such as Anderson Silva, Conor McGregor, José Aldo, Jacaré Souza and others.

BPS shot projects for several different shows, including primetime shows airing on FOX as well as programming for the UFC’s social media channels and content that aired at the stadiums before the fights.

The most important of these shows was known as UFC Road to the Octagon, an American prime time documentary series on FOX that followed mixed martial-arts fighters as they prepared for big UFC events to be broadcast live on FOX in the weeks leading up to the fight.

We shot episodes of this show with the following Brazilian fighters: bantamweight Iuri Alcântara (Marajó), strawweight Jessica Andrade (Niterói – For more information about this shoot, read our blog entry about it, middleweight Jacaré Souza (Rio de Janeiro), welterweight Demian Maia and lightweight Charles Oliveira (São Paulo).

We also shot a documentary special for the UFC that aired on FOX, ahead of a much touted fight between Brazilian former champion José Aldo and American Frankie Edgar, known as UFC 200: It’s Time.

UFC Road to the Octagon 28 – Jéssica Andrade

UFC Road to the Octagon 24 – Jacaré Souza

UFC Road To The Octagon – FOX: Demian Maia and Charles Oliveira

UFC Road To The Octagon – FOX: Iuri Alcântara