Brazil Production Services can assist your production in finding and developing stories and characters that illustrate interesting Brazilian-themes. There are many stories and themes that are recurrent in Brazil such as those involving soccer, carnaval, favelas, and/or nature, and we have experience in researching original takes on all of them and adapting them to all kinds of formats, including documentaries as well as fiction series both short and feature length. We assemble research and creative teams according to each project’s demands and we can assist you with all aspects of the project, from conceptualization, to research, development and writing.

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At Brazil Production Services, we have vast experience in conducting casting and character research for films, series, documentaries and branded content. We understand that strong acting and characters are essential for good storytelling and our network of high level casting directors and casting agencies will make sure that your project gets the best talent available.

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Brazil is home to one of the most culturally and ethnically diverse societies in the world. This is explained by a dense migratory influx, particularly in the 20th century, which resulted in a mixed population of Caucasians, Afro-Brazilian, Native South Americans and Asians.  Unlike any other Latin American country, in Brazil you will find people from an exceptional number of backgrounds, which makes filming in Brazil even more attractive and the talent pool very ethnically diverse.

Brazil Production Services will not only cast your project, but we will also make sure that your production is legally covered. Our local fixers and coordinating producers will make sure to get you all the proper talent paperwork, from image releases to underage talent licenses and buyout deals, so you can rest assured you have everything you need to legally exhibit your final product.

For a Brazil casting case study, go to this blog entry and read about our successful casting of a Rio de Janeiro family for a Norweigian advertising campaign.