When it comes to aerial video production, Brazil is well supplied with experienced drone and helicopter pilots and high level equipment to give you that nice bird’s eye view perspective that you are looking for.  We, at Brazil Production Services, have coordinated drone and helicopter shoots all over the country, in all kinds of terrains and with every kind of aerial system conceivable. We also have experience with the temporary importation of Shotover stabilization systems into the country for foreign companies filming in Brazil and demanding that type of gear (currently, when it comes to helicopter stabilized camera equipment, only Stab-C systems are to be found for rental in the country).

Do you have an upcoming aerial shoot in Brazil? Contact us today and tell us more about your aerial, drone or helicopter needs.

An important thing to know is that Brazil has well established aerial regulations set by the Brazilian aviation authority, ANAC (a local counterpart to the American FAA), which requires drone operators to be registered and certified by the institution in order to legally fly a drone anywhere within the national territory. Flight plans are also required to be filed and authorized in advance of the shoot. This is of particular importance in places with busy airspaces such as Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.  Another plus to our services is that our producers are familiar with the aerial footage standards for deliverables demanded by foreign companies such as Netflix and we know how to deliver to these specs in Brazil. 

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Brazil Production Services has a wide network of aerial video operators in Brazil, ranging from professionals in all major cities operating a variety of drone models to helicopter pilots with stab-c systems.  We always work closely with our clients in finding the best crew and local solutions for their aerial projects in Brazil.

We have produced a highly complex aerial shoot in the Northeast of Brazil for Disney’s Avengers: Infinity War, that included flying a helicopter all the way from Rio de Janeiro to Maranhão state to capture footage for that project in an amazing local National Park. If you want to know more about how we handled this production, you can read our blog post about it.