From pristine beaches to tropical rainforests, from remote native villages to bustling city environments, Brazil Production Services has produced film, TV, and photo projects all over Brazil. We have built an extensive photo and information database that we gathered throughout the years of the most requested Brazil locations such as the Amazon, São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro.  We would be happy to share some of these amazing locations with you. Contact us today if you are searching for specific locations in Brazil for your upcoming shoot.

If you have a particular location need in mind but don’t know what Brazil may offer in terms of possibilities for that location, let us carry out some location research and put together a location presentation for you.  Brazil is so huge and offers so many different possibilities, that you may be very surprised at what kinds of looks one is able to achieve when shooting projects in Brazil. 

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If a location that you are interested in shooting at requires a special scout, we would be more than happy to assist you with that.  Brazil Production Services is committed to finding you and your company the perfect location for your project anywhere in Brazil. As expert Brazil fixers, we carry out research, contact location owners/managers, visit locations and work hard to secure the perfect location for your production for the right price.

If needed, our fixers, producers and location managers are available to remotely scout out all locations in advance of your project’s shoot and produce full reports that can include sun charts, varied angle pictures, 360º location videos, nearby parking and homebase options and any other relevant information that your project requires.

Contact us today if you would like to schedule a scout in Brazil or if you need any other information about a specific location in Brazil.