If your company is looking to distribute an audiovisual work in Brazil – be it a film or reality show or commercial you want to play on Brazilian free-to-air or cable channel – you will have to get some government paperwork taken care of beforehand and pay some associated fees to make it eligible to be distributed in the Brazilian market. Get in touch with Brazil Production Services and we can provide personalized assistance according to the needs of your project.

According to Brazilian law, in order for an international audiovisual work to be distributed within the Brazilian territory and on Brazilian television specifically, foreign producers and production companies will need to partner with a local production company in order to acquire a ROE (Foreign Work Registration or Registro de Obra Estrangeira) and a CRT (Title Registration Certificate or Certificado de Registro de Título) from ANCINE, the local government film agency that regulates this sector of the Brazilian economy.

The CRT is a registration document and it proves that the audiovisual work is enabled by ANCINE to be commercialized. Upon completing the registration of the CRT application, a GRU (Federal Government Invoice) will be generated, with the total CONDECINE (Contribution to the Development of the National Film Industry) fee calculated, which must be paid within 10 days.

The CONDECINE for a TV commercial is valid for one year, while the validity of the CRT may vary according to the agreement between the producer and the client.

So, here are the steps of what you’ll need to go through in order to produce and / or exhibit your audiovisual product in Brazil:

  1. Your entity needs to associate itself with a duly-registered Brazilian production company (such as Brazil Production Services) that will serve as your agent, and get your Brazilian distribution / licensing rights.
  2. Your entity and ours will need to figure out details for creating the Brazilian version of your campaign / film / program using Brazilian nationals (If you haven’t produced it in Brazil).
  3. You will have to pay the CONDECINE (Contribution to the Development of the National Film Industry) fee. This fee amount varies according to where you’d like to exhibit your audiovisual work. The price also changes drastically if you produce your audiovisual work in Brazil.

ANCINE provides a price table for the different kinds of markets (screening rooms, home video, broadcasting of sounds and images – open TV, electronic mass communication by subscription – paid TV and other markets) and duration of your product. Some details might qualify you for discounts, such as choosing a limited distribution of 6 theaters for instance if you are doing a theatrical release. The permission granted is for a 1 year period.

You can access the ANCINE table with pricing (in Portuguese) here.

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