Brazil Production Services recently worked with Michal Siewierski, world renowned documentary filmmaker and director of Food Choices and Diet Fiction (both streaming on Amazon Prime). For his new project entitled Take Out, BPS was hired to provide local production support (crew, permits, transportation and other logistics) on the director’s Brazil shoots.

In São Paulo, we paired the director with Marcelo Bombarda, our go-to São Paulo fixer as well as experienced director of photography. There Michal interviewed the likes of João Gordo and Luisa Mel.

In Brasília, the DP Daniel Basil accompanied Michal on some rural adventures.

Salvador was the production’s last stop, aided by local DP Américo Conceição. The crew shot at the farm “Olhos D’Água” of Ernst Götsch, the pioneer who used a system of agriculture to revive an area degraded by intensive logging, to a lush green farm.

It was great working with Michal, and he left us a thoughtful review, that you can check below:

As an independent documentary filmmaker, I can not imagine shooting in Brazil without BPS. Brazil is a country with lots of bureaucracy when it comes to filming and it is also a country were you must know your way around. Even for someone like myself who lived there for 18 years as a child and teenager before moving to the US. By working with BPS I had an entire team at my disposal, I arrived in Brazil with all my paperwork ready, prepared by BPS before hand, which made my way through customs and federal police super easy. The airport officials really appreciate when you arrive with all the paperwork, permits and equipment description well organized and therefore treated me really well. Once the shoot began the BPS local crew was always on time, super professional, fun, and ready to work hard. The US team was in constant communication with myself and the local crew via a custom whatsapp group, and always made sure things were going well and on schedule, checking in with us multiple times per day. Having that extra level of support gave me a lot of peace of mind. You can not go wrong with BPS, they are the best in the business and I highly recommend them for any production project in Brazil, both large and small.
— Michal Siewierski, Director, TAKE OUT