Last week, BPS teamed up with a Norwegian production company to create a promotional tourism video. Our client wanted to find Brazilian grandkids and grandparents that had never seen snow before and bring them on a special trip from Brazil to Norway. BPS was tasked with the mission to find the perfect candidates for the video. After a long process of casting, we found them: grandparents Maria Teresa and Eduardo and their grandson Gabriel were the chosen ones.

Before the family boarded on their adventure, BPS worked with Norwegian director Robin Hansen-Tangen and filmed the family in Rio. We followed the family for an entire day, shot them at the beach and other scenic Rio locations and captured interviews with them about their excitement about their upcoming trip!

For the trip, they got new coats and jackets to face the Norwegian cold. They were ready to have their dream come true: seeing snow for the first time! Check the pictures below of the amazing experience they had in Norway.

Be sure to check back when we update the blog with the final video!