Last March, Brazil Production Services partnered up with Freshfly to produce the Brazil Unit of a documentary about Marcelo Gleiser - the 2019 Templeton Prize winner. The award “honors a living person who has made an exceptional contribution to affirming life’s spiritual dimension, whether through insight, discovery, or practical works.”

Marcelo Gleiser is a Brazilian-born professor of physics and astronomy at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire. He is the first Latin American to be awarded the Templeton Prize!

Marcelo Gleiser at Copacabana Beach, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The client’s briefing asked for specific locations such as beautiful beaches, a house with large windows, running trails and a fishing colony. It was also important to translate into images the energy of the city of Rio de Janeiro for the B-roll.

BPS gave Freshfly many options to choose from and, with the go ahead of their creative team, we secured locations like the Copacabana Beach, the Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden and others.

Our team also provided local bilingual crew, a trustworthy team that brought on equipment, props, costumes and did the fishermen casting. The men in the final cut of the film are all real local fishermen that go out on boats fishing in Copacabana everyday. We also provided many options for the young boy role, but Marcelo thought his nephew was the best one to portray him.

We filmed at the Copacabana Beach with minimal equipment during the day and at night.

Behind the Scenes - American and Brazilian team filming a reenactment of Marcelo Gleiser’s life.

The Pontifical Catholic University (PUC) is Marcelo’s alma mater and we reached out to them to get some shots of Marcelo’s visit. The University was very welcoming and it’s definitely a great location! The school was featured before in big Brazilian movies like Elite Squad. After talking directly to PUC’s Physics department, we found out that Enio Frota - Marcelo’s professor during his school years - was still there and he agreed to be filmed having a friendly conversation with Marcelo around the campus and also in a classroom .

Behind the Scenes photo of Marcelo Gleiser talking to Enio Frota at PUC.

Running in the nature is also very important to Marcelo. They wanted to capture shots of him running in a forested area. Our team got a very experienced drone operator to follow him on the beautiful trails of Jardim Botânico - Rio’s prestigious Botanical Garden.

Drone footage of Marcelo running at the Botanical Garden.

After the filming was done, Freshfly gave us the feedback we are always looking for - the one of a satisfied client!

“It was a pleasure working with all of you.  I'll be sure to recommend you to my colleagues, and I hope we come back to Rio sometime soon.”

Take a look at the final video released by the John Templeton Foundation:



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