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As expert Brazil film and TV fixers specialized in Brazil, BPS can assist our clients with the following services:

- ANCINE Registration
- Business Visas
- Customs Expedition
- Distribution - ROE and CRT
- Production Management & Local Crews
- Equipment Rentals
- Support Services
- Research, Development & Casting
- Fixer services
- Aerial Video Production (Drones and Helicopters)
- Location Scouting & Management

According to Brazilian law, international productions that wish to shoot in Brazil must first register their project with ANCINE, the government agency that controls and regulates international filmmaking activities in the country. In order to do so, a partnership with a local producer or production company has to be established. BRAZIL PRODUCTION SERVICES is the bridge you need. We are able to assist you in gathering and completing all the necessary documents needed, as well as establishing a local partnership to properly register your project with ANCINE.  Contact us today and we will explain how this whole process works.

We are also able to assist international crew members from countries required to get a visa to film in Brazil in obtaining multiple entry business visas for properly regulated filming activities in Brazil. US crews can contact us for our super convenient expedited visa service to obtain your Brazil business.

Brazil is now a compliant ATA Carnet country. Producers wishing to bring production equipment into Brazil for their projects will have to abide by local rules and guidelines for temporary importation of equipment and can declare their equipment via the ATA carnet process or via the Brazilian customs process known as the E-DBV. Thanks to its network of customs expediters, BPS is able to ensure your equipment's admittance into the country both safely and efficiently. We will help you complete all necessary paperwork and will arrange for a local representative to meet you upon arrival at the airport to assist with the local authorities and guarantee a smooth and stress-free entry into the country for you and the gear of your choice. For more info about our customs expedition service, drop us a line.

To be able to distribute your product in Brazil you'll need to partner with a local production company in order to acquire an ROE (Foreign Work Registration or Registro de Obra Estrangeira) and a CRT (Title Registration Certificate or Certificado de Registro de Título). Get in touch with BPS and we can provide personalized assistance according to your project.

BPS understands that travel and accommodation costs can prove prohibitive when it comes to shooting abroad. For this reason, we have gathered a strong network of talented local Brazilian professionals that can work on your project in a variety of capacities. Whether you are looking for field producers, camera operators, sound technicians, driver, production assistants, etc., we will find the right crew for you at an affordable price.

No matter what your equipment needs may be, BPS will help you navigate the local vendor landscape to find you the best deal on all your equipment rental/purchase needs. We will also assist you in analyzing your desired list of equipment to help determine whether it would be advantageous for you to bring your gear into the country or rent it locally (or opt for a mixed approach).

No matter where you plan to shoot in Brazil, BPS will handle all of your travel needs. Our highly skilled local producers will facilitate local logistics including flights, vehicles, communication systems and housing. We provide support in a variety of languages, including English, French, German, Spanish and, of course, Portuguese.  In addition, given the challenges in insuring productions in Brazil, BPS can also provide affordable insurance coverage for your production so that you can rest easy knowing that your investment in your Brazilian production will be insured.

BPS can assist your production in finding characters, stories and interesting perspectives on familiar and unfamiliar Brazilian-themed subjects. Contact us with your research themes and we will be happy to provide ideas.

From pristine beaches to tropical rainforests, from remote native villages to bustling city environments, BPS is committed to finding you and your company the perfect location anywhere in the country. As expert fixers in Brazil, we carry out research, contact location owners/managers, visit locations and work hard to secure the perfect location for your production for the right price.